Rules of Survival 2.0: New Era New Hope

Rules of Survival 2.0: Bullet out, Cash in
Welcome to the new era of RULES OF SURVIVAL 2.0! Hunting other players on the battlefield for the extreme thrill, converting weapons to hit your limit, and by trading freely with other players, you can earn cash in reality to claim the fortune overnight!

2022/1/19 – 2022/2/9

When Team Rally starts, players who rally 10 friends will receive a rally reward —— Rhino Fighter Shield – Gold.

After team up is over, players who complete ROS 2.0 matches with rallied friends and reach a certain number of Activity Points will get rich together with their allies by claiming awards in Game. The Golden Rhino Fighter Set, a large number of Diamonds, and various ROS 2.0 items wait to help winners greatly in battles.

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2022.01.26, All platform launch coming soon!

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