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Rules of Survival World Championship Grand Final Begins on M


  Rules of Survival World Championship Grand Final will begin on March 24th, in Shanghai. Fifteen teams emerging from divisions around the world are going to fight for the championship and a total prize pool of more than 450,000 US dollars.

  The Chinese, Asian, European, and North American division finals finished on January 7th, January 20th, January 21st, and January 22nd. Fifteen teams excelled in their divisions and won their ticket to the Grand Final in Shanghai. Among them are two American teams, one German team, one Russian/Ukrainian team, one Thai team, one Philippine team and nine Chinese teams.

  The RoS World Championship has drawn extensive attention from the beginning, attracting top e-sport clubs like SK Gaming and TSM to participate. The runner-up of North America division final, Empyreal, will be in the Grand Final on behalf of another world-famous club, Team Secret.

  Since its release, Rules of Survival has attracted over 150 million players from fifty-five countries. Moreover, there were over 150 thousand teams from sixty-five nations signing up for the World Championship. They have to be the best of the best, making their way to the Grand Final to compete for ultimate glory with a total prize pool of more than 450 thousand dollars.